This page is dedicated to the Korean War Veterans and to the 162 Floridians that are still POW/MIA from that terrible war.  Click the below Korean War Memorial images to visit their D.C. Memorial.  Write to congress and see what is being done about the missing.  Long known as the "Forgotten War" there are still a lot of Korean War Vets alive.  A good friend of mine, retired USAF Chief Master Sergeant Deane (Deano) Esancy, of Lake Wales, Florida is one of them.  I served a year at Osan Air Base from '91-'92 and South Korea has rebounded nicely since the war.  The economy is stable, largely in part to our Korean War heroes.  Again, this page is graphics intense so please allow a little time for it to load up.  Dial-up users stretch your legs, get a cup of coffee or call a Vet and thank Him or Her for the freedom we enjoy today in the USA. "Old Glory" a tribute to veterans, on your web site. "Old Glory" is receiving rave reviews from veterans all over the world. I have included some additional information on Mr. McEachin below for you to review. The information includes his valor and Silver Star for his service in the Korean War, and his acting and writing career. Mr. McEachin travels the country visiting veteran hospitals and giving moving speech's from his award winning CD "Voices". He will be a guest speaker at the GI Film Festival ( this May in Washington DC.

Click here to view the list of Florida's 162 POW/MIA from the Korean War.

Click here to view the list of Florida's 3 POW/MIA from the Cold War.




About the Logo:  The focal point of the 50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemorative Crest is the three-lobed Taeguk, known as the sam-Taeguk. The three lobes of the sam-Taeguk are as follows: 

Red and White stripes representing the United States  Dark Blue representing South Korea  The United Nations Light Blue with 22 Gold stars representing the 20 U.N. countries involved in the Korean War, plus one non-U.N. member--Italy--and the Republic of Korea. 

Traditionally, the Taeguk depicted on the flag of the Republic of Korea represents two states of being, Heaven and Earth (spiritual and physical). The sam-Taeguk stands for three states of being: Heaven, Earth and Man. Heaven represents the spiritual, Earth is the physical and Man is the intermediary who embodies both the spiritual and physical.

The wreath and lettering in gold symbolizes honor and excellence.

During the commemorative period, the nation will honor the Korean War veterans for the sacrifices they made to ensure a free and democratic South Korea.



Click here to view a listing of Florida's 162 Missing Heroes from the Korean War.  This is a PDF File.  You can download a free Adobe PDF file viewer from the freeware section of this website.

Click here to view a listing of Florida's 3 Missing Heroes from the Cold War. This is also a PDF File. If you are unable to download a PDF Viewer (e.g. Web-TV) email me and I'll send you the text.

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Pictures from the Korean War Veteran's Memorial