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Want to apply for our Award?  Email me at abrockie@gmail.com along with your site's name and address and I'll take a look at your site.  Please no pornographic or hate sites.  Family, military, patriotic, and Christian sites are all welcome to apply. 


Awards received


Courtesy of www.Hissheep.org


Courtesy of www.powmiaff.org


Courtesy of Joan Hunt at http://www.geocities.com/joanies_page


Courtesy of http://romansroad.org/


Courtesy of Pure Gold Topsites


Courtesy of Christian Web Awards


Courtesy of Gary at www.Simplesurvival.net


Courtesy of Operation Black Flag


Courtesy of Richard at http://richojr.50megs.com/POW-MIA/Page1.html


Courtesy of Viper at http://vietnam-veterans.us


Courtesy of Fantasy Fights at http://www.webcompetition.net/


Courtesy of www.ranks1.com


Courtesy of http://servethelord.gotop100.com



Courtesy of Old Sarge at http://members.shaw.ca/oldsarge/


Courtesy of http://militaryhonorplaque.homestead.com


Courtesy of www.Hissheep.org


Courtesy of  www.dokimos.org


Courtesy of www.ranks1.com


Courtesy of http://bethog.org/


Courtesy of http://goldenelite.net/


Courtesy of www.hack1966.com




These three awards courtesy of www.used2gofast.com

The came with the following citation:

It is with great pleasure that I award your site the "Used2gofast Awards Program Triple Play!"  Your overall design and navigation layout is awesome! For that I present you with the "Award of Excellence".Your site clearly shows your strong faith and belief in our Lord and Savior, Jesus. For that I present you with the "Faith Award".  Finally, your site demonstrates your love of country. For that I present you with the "Patriot Award".  It is an absolute pleasure to visit a site with all these wonderful qualities! Keep up the great work!


Courtesy of Butch at http://www.1-5th-m-25th-inf-1966.com


Courtesy of http://cybersarges.tripod.com


Visit my website @ http://www.nam-vets.com


From Howard Kopelic at http://howards-place.com