These are some sites I found that were really helpful in getting my way around the web and some are just interesting.  Check them out.





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The self-explanatory tool below is priceless! 

Random Password Generator



Free JavaScripts provided
The JavaScript Source


4LawSchool (, thousands of free case briefs and other resources for both students and practicing attorneys.

YoYsearch - a web portal with ten types of search
Click here to see Today's Front Page Headlines from 510 Newspapers and 48 Countries  A site worthy of review from my Texas friend, Sam Burgess - something for everyone!

Christian Webmaster - Worthy Webmaster

The 10,000 Year Calendar

Metacrawler - Combines Google, Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, About, LookSmart, Overture, and FindWhat search engines all in one quick search.

Dogpile - same features as Metacrawler.

KartOO - a super cool search engine

AltaVista - search for images, MP3s, etc.

The Reference Desk - an absolute plethora of info

The Reference Desk Newspapers - find any newspaper in the United States in an online version - FREE

See Your name in Egyptian Hieroglyphics - Cool 

The Best of the Web, 2004

The Wall Street Journal Online

Mapquest - Get driving directions anywhere - FREE

This is really cool - Your name in Hebrew - click on mine to get yours

Yeshua: The Hebrew Word for Jesus

All Experts - The largest and free Q and A site on the web ask them anything.  I've already gotten great advice on my car thermostat and with formatting a stubborn hard drive. - Find out about anything on this site

The National Do Not Call Registry

Freebie Dot com


Start Sampling - Free Products and Samples

Kelley Blue Book -New and Used car values

Missing Money dot com - see if you have any due you.  The only states participating are Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Consumer Reports

The Idiom Site - Why we say what we say - Cool Site

Word Origins - similar to the Idiom Site above

PBS Frontline

Nothing but Facts

The Ultimate Email Directory

INTERNET Wayback - They have recorded every website since 1995.  I even found my old recorded there.  This Wayback is way cool.


Cool Site of the Day

Bandwidth Speed Test - are you getting your money's worth?  You can check 3 times per month for free.

The current US Population - Nifty little page updated at the time you click.

The Official U.S. Time - synchronize your computer's clock.

Free after Rebate - A whole site with items you purchase free after mail-in rebates.

The Switchboard - Massive yellow/white  page directory

The Rip-Off Report - Ever feel cheated by a company?  Check out their status in the rip-off report.  Great for determining if something is really too good to be true.

PC Pitstop - This site will evaluate your PC for free.  I've used it many times to check out my hardware.

The Baseball Almanac

Free Software Tutorials.  Tailored to grades K-12, I used this information to help me create this website. I've tried the Video Professor, this is better and FREE - find out the truth about Urban Legends or check the validity of that crazy email you just got.

The Useless Information Webpage

Do it yourself - Informative guide to home improvement

Popular Mechanics Online

Wal-Mart Online - very quick shipping and great prices

AskAnOwner - AskAnOwner enables you to send questions directly to people who have hands-on experience with exactly the product, the service, the place, or the choice in life that you are interested in - for free!


 Mishawaka H.S. Cavemen Indiana Class of 1977    

eBay - I'm registered as (zerohdcp) on eBay.  I've been buying and selling with them since 1998.  Now that they've combined with PayPal its really secure to trade here.

My Simon - check out the latest and greatest prices on anything before making bids on eBay.  This site has been invaluable to me.

Price Grabber - site to check before bidding on eBay

Consumer World

Amazing Bargains

I love Freebies dot com - what's free on the INTERNET

The FreeSite dot com

Live Manuals - owners manuals in case you lost yours

Smart Computing in Plain English

Bored dot com - fun stuff to do when you're bored

How Stuff Works

Discovery dot com

TerraServer - See satellite images of your neighborhood - free to look at - AWESOME SITE

Any Birthday - Find out anyone's Birthday and set up reminders - It listed mine (hint) - INCREDIBLE SITE

Birthday Database - same as above - I was listed again (hint) - this is a must see

Legal Resources (Thanks Rita)

Mortgage Bankers Association

Legal info, books, software and forms

Law, attorneys and legal resources

Notre Dame Law School

Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington


NASA's Visible Earth - brilliant pictures from space

The Hubble Site - the Space Telescope

An AWESOME Picture from space

The end of the INTERNET

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